Cross Culture Performance Boost 14th June 2017

Latchmere Admin/ June 14, 2017/ events

Last Thursday we split our participants by one of many cultural fault-lines; Transactional or those who focus more on work and getting things done, and Relationship or those who care more about building strong personal relationships.

You could tell both sides believed their way was best, even after easily pointing out the many disadvantages of their own preference.
After understanding the differences the question became “so now what, how do I get my colleagues to change?”

Being transactional myself, last night I sketched out a detailed 5 step process anyone can use to bridge a cultural gap. I was about to post it here when my more relationship oriented colleague suggested the below quote might be more helpful. I think she’s probably right, but you can still comment below if you want to see the 5 step process…

“No amount of logic will convince someone to change their cultural values. If you’re not open to changing the way you see others, no one is going to want to change for you”

If you want to build your understanding of cultural differences and get practical advice and experience resolving the challenges they create, come to our in-depth full day workshop on Friday, June 30th (Early Bird tickets are available for 2 more days) you can also leave a questions in the comments and we’ll do our best to advise you.