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Three Principles For Superior Leadership Program Design

Latchmere Admin/ October 10, 2017/ article

We recently designed and delivered a leadership development program for a multinational client and our CEO Mr. Justin Paul published an article in the Bangkok Post describing the 3 principles we used to create a high value development experience. Click on photo to read full article :


Latchmere Admin/ July 5, 2017/ article, events

Do you find it difficult to work with professionals from another culture? Thais, Japanese, Germans, Americans and all cultures can be extremely difficult to work with if you don’t understand their cultural profile and expectations. Our full day workshop on cross-cultural communication and collaboration will enable you to understand and predict when cultural challenges will occur, and enable you to

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Cultural differences influence

Latchmere Admin/ May 29, 2017/ article

This article was originally published in the Bangkok Post on 29th May 2017. It’s common knowledge that cultural differences influence the success or failure of business ventures and professional relationships. A rash American could easily offend Japanese partners by failing to respect their organizational hierarchy and the status of their leader; A meticulous German might unnecessarily stress-out and demotivate a Thai

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